Saturday, January 10, 2009


Sorry sorry sorry I humbly appologize that I've been not doing anything about this blog for little over a month. As a music artist its sometimes hard to find time to update my beloved blog due to traveling and performing. May that be my new years resolution; spending more decent time on updating this blog for all you cats.

Having that said, my personal love for New Era hats goes back quiet a bit in time. So you just have to check out these new ones with Rock Smith. I just purchased an Obama Rock(S Mith) Tee in a little shop in Chicago. The peeps in there weren't too friendly, while I was shopping the homeboy was on the phone the entire time! Maybe thats why I forgot the name of the store.

I did also get a pink hard cloth ALIFE New Era hat there too though.. Here's a pic of me wearing the hat, sitting and blackberry chatting while playing cus this party was DEAD.. BlackBerry saved my life!